Thirsty For FanFiction?

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FanFiction is defined as fiction written by fans featuring characters from a TV series, animé, book, etc,.

If you’ve read my previous post such as “The Good And Bad Of Sports Animé?“, I mention that I’ve written some pretty cringy fanfiction during most of my childhood.


During those times, I preferred creating my own characters or have my friends create an “animé version” of themselves and pair them with an existing character. One of my more “notable” works include giant man-eating sushi in the Naruto realm. Later, I transitioned into writing romance between existing characters such as a Roxas and Naminé school-themed story. This story was the first I decided to post online on which was titled “What They Need.” It has since been rewritten and permanently removed.

Regardless that I’m in my twenties, I still read FanFiction. However, good ones are hard to come by nowadays. Or I’m looking in the wrong places. Yet, I realize that no matter how much I search or read, there’s a couple of fanfictions that linger in the back of my mind.

These are the ones that have stuck with me throughout my teenage to early adulthood years. It’s likely that I’ll revisit these stories again whenever I need inspiration for my creativity. So, without further ado, here are my fanfiction recommendations (which is just me rambling how I adore these stories.)

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To Catch A Falling Star – Prince Of Tennis

To Catch A Falling Star is a Prince of Tennis (PoT) fanfiction focusing on the growth of an all-girl tennis team. It was first published in 2008 and still ongoing. This is one of those rare stories that I followed since my high school or even my junior high school days.

What I adore about this story is how it captures the feeling of the PoT universe so well. As you read, you feel like if the manga transitioned into a novel, this is probably how it would be written. The PoT characters are also in-character and the original characters are distinct from each other.

Though the author has commented that she feels she abused every single animé stereotype, it works with the story and is integrated beautifully. What I also applaud is how the author writes out every single tennis match between characters. She doesn’t simply mention or brush through it. In a nutshell, tons of dedication is put into this.

Time Will Tell – Lord Of The Rings

Time Will Tell tells the story of an original female character who falls into the Lord Of The Ring universe. While this plot sounds unoriginal, this story is extremely well-written with awesome character development.

I remember sitting on the couch a few years ago during New Year’s Eve binging this story and internally crying how I can’t write or execute characterization like that. In essence, this story makes sense. Why certain things happen and do not happen is logical and doesn’t feel forced. It also flows naturally and the Frodo-romance is on-point.

Shine – Kingdom Hearts

Shine is a Roxas and Naminé fanfic where the characters are placed in high school. This story is your typical high school romance. However, the characterization, pace, and the writing is great.

The events that happen throughout also don’t feel cliché but endearing. I don’t have much to say for this one, but that it’s a great read if you’re looking for a well-written high-school universe.

I used to try to mimic how the author wrote Roxas and often referred to this fanfic during my Kingdom Hearts obsession days. Another work I recommend by this author, idiotique is “We’re All Mad Here.”

Turkish Delight – Final Fantasy

Turkish Delight is written in second-person with “you” and Reno as the main romance plot. “You” have a traumatic past that involved an abusive ex-boyfriend which Reno helps you to come to terms and overcome your fear.

While that may sound offputting to some, this story is incredibly well-written. I swear this statement is becoming the cookie-cutter saying to all of these fanfic recommendations, but it’s the main reason why I adore these so much. Characterization for “you”, Reno, Tifa, and Rude are also spot-on.

This story also has mature themes such as explicit sexual references and abusive relationships. But the author places, addresses, and writes them compellingly that it pushes the story and character relationships forward.

Delicate – Harry Potter

Delicate is a second generation Harry Potter fanfic that focuses on Rose and Scorpius. It’s been so long since I read this story as it initially disappeared and recently came back that my memory is foggy.

What I do remember is loving the dynamic between Rose and Scorpius (which is probably due to great characterization. Go figure.) Also, their love story isn’t as clear cut as some other romances. It’s so much more than the typical school romance. There’s a lot of stormy weather between Rose and Scorpius that makes the story interesting, realistic, and engaging.

What Fanfiction Are You Reading?

In addition to these novels and novellas, there’s a bunch of great one-shots I’ve read across many fandoms. Let me know if you have any Fanfic recommendations or if you’ve written fanfics yourself. I’m always looking for something to read! Let’s be real though, this entire post is me trying to get people to recommend me some great fanfictions.

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