A Quality Japanese RPG At The Palm Of Your Hand

Created by Rayark International Limited, Sdorica Sunset is a classic Japanese RPG with many characters and storylines to keep you engaged. If you’re looking for a game to kill time, you may want to consider Sdorica Sunset.

When you open the app, there’s a guide that walks you through the basics of the main storyline. The gameplay is simple yet involves strategic moves as you progress: there are gold, purple, and white orbs where by tapping one or eliminating two or more will trigger specific movesets. Below is a video from Koolio Gameplay on the basics of the game. To see the actual gameplay, skip to 3:12.

As soon as you grasp the gameplay, you can move on to other quests such as character storylines, venture quests, events, and explore regions. If you’re stuck somewhere, you can swipe between the tabs to level up or have a change of pace.

My Thoughts

The graphics, story, and music are great. For an app, the quality is spot-on. It’s also completely voiced in Japanese and available in multiple languages.

The first time I played, I got sucked into it. While the beginning goes easy on you such as giving you enough soul energy to invest in your character levels, it gets progressively harder. As there are many characters you can unlock throughout the game, it’s not possible (at least to my knowledge) to level them all at once.

As the levels increase, you also have to invest more and more energy which each character already takes up a significant amount. So, it’s best to choose wisely which character you want to level.

Unlocking characters done through obtaining chracter minerals can be done anytime. In the beginning it’s easy to unlock new characters. However, once you’ve reached a certain point, you’ll start obtaining existing character minerals.

Awards for logging in each day are helpful in leveling and getting character minerals. I wasn’t aware of the exp awards, so I struggled to progress throughout the storyline. So don’t forget to check your mailbox after logging in.

The biggest con I came across is the extreme battery drainage. Therefore, it’s best to play while your phone is plugged in to avoid sudden surprises. Additionally, it’s only playable on Wi-Fi. Sometimes, you will also get an error. Not sure why this occurs, but after installing and connecting to a VPN, it goes away.


Get Sdorica Sunset on the app store!

Get Sdorica Sunset on Android!

I highly recommend trying Sdorica Sunset if you’re looking for a fun Japanese RPG.

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