He collapsed onto the floor, his labored breaths echoing throughout the now silent practice room. Kim Young Soo forced his body upright and reached for his nearly empty water bottle sitting an inch away from the mirrors that surrounded the area. As the remnants of the liquid soothed his dry throat, the words that haunted him since this morning echoed softly in his mind.

“Now I know what you meant when you said you couldn’t dance well. But that’s okay. Everyone has a weakness, right?”

At first he didn’t know what it was about his friend’s statement that bothered him. It wasn’t until when they sat down for lunch later in the day that it hit him. His friend, Woo Jin, had been the first person to talk to him when Young Soo entered the company, and he discovered that his friend had a talent for dance. They had trained together multiple times throughout the week and Young Soo had realized that in front of others, Woo Jin tried. He tried to display his talent. He tried to impress them.

He tried to try.

And in front of Young Soo, Woo Jin didn’t put in twice the effort he did with others. Young Soo knew he couldn’t dance as well as most trainees; he had difficulty with fluidity and sometimes his movements were off by a tad. It angered him that it had became his biggest insecurity.

His empty water bottle was tossed aside as he readjusted his cap. He cranked up the music and began his routine for the umpteenth time that day. Young Soo decided he wasn’t going to be defeated.

Not by another or himself.

Author’s Notes

This was originally posted on Ghosts of Vanguard as part of my Miracles In December series which centered around “you” or a fictional character.

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