Why Lake of Voices Is A Must-Play For PC

Anyone can be saved, but not everyone can be.

You play as Kikka, a stoic and intelligent young woman who works as an official guard for a small village in the region. Her most recent assignment involves travelling with another fellow guard, Bemelle, to a town under siege by raiders. However, to arrive at the other town, they must cross Sinnlos, a cursed lake home to twisted creatures who take pleasure in drowning humans. These monsters are known as Nixi.

Kikka and Bemelle seek the assistance of a nameless guide who helps people navigate through the maze of bridges across the lake. However, they aren’t the only ones who need the guide’s help. While the guide warns them of the dangers and emotional turmoil of a group this large, no one decides to stay behind.


My Thoughts

I came across this free game on Steam and downloaded it immediately. I love a good choose your own adventure (CYOA), even more so when it’s intertwined with the horror genre. Throughout the game, your choices impact who lives and who dies. There are also timed choices. In other words, you can make split-second decisions or decide if standing by is the best option. You also realize that there’s no good or bad choice; you simply have to survive.

The narrative is compelling, and each character has a different personality. The game also has beautiful CGs with fully voiced characters and a hauntingly beautiful piano soundtrack.

As the game progresses, you have the option of developing a close relationship with anyone in your party which triggers specific endings and CGs. By going through specific routes, you’ll unlock humorous bonus events. A bonus event I recently unlocked was seeing the journey through the perspective of Lu, a young man part of your travelling party. His character is slightly exaggerated but it’s all part of the fun. His route, I might add, is the one I enjoyed the most. Not only did I love his character but his route delves into the mysteries of Sinnlos.

I highly recommend Lake of Voices. Not only is the story beautifully crafted but also quick. You could possibly get all the endings in one day.

Get Lake of Voices on Steam! If you’re looking for a walkthrough to save you time, I recommend this one.

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