Rose in the Embers – Misao Higuchi

Misao Higuchi otome game

Misao Higuchi

Set during the Taisho period, you are bought by the son of an earl and must work as his maid. The nobleman who bought you appears wanton and devious. Yet, you become enchanted with the man he reveals himself to be.

Misao Higuchi review

For those unfamiliar with Rose in the Embers, it’s a dating sim game by Voltage Inc., a Japanese developer and publisher of interactive story apps for iOS and Android. Their app, Love 365, is a hub of all of their games.

Misao is a “reclusive and indecent” artist who appears to be a sexual deviant.  The first couple of chapters focuses on his character’s charm: his ability to remain professional in the presence of attractive and alluring females. He has no interest in romantic relationships which has often struck a chord with the women he has painted. As his maid, you quietly and diligently fulfil your duties and eventually see more of who this man really is: a professional who takes pride in his work.

rose in the embers

Misao’s character is the type who isn’t easily swayed by outside influences and is firm in his beliefs and resolve. So, without reading his point of view, you don’t fully get to see how he fell for the main character (MC). In the beginning, Misao likes the MC for her innocence; he particularly likes to tease her. Eventually, Misao asks if she would like to be painted by him. She agrees and is not only shocked by how he transforms her but also how the look in his eyes changes when he paints.

When the MC realizes her feelings for him, she ultimately leaves to work elsewhere since Misao made it clear that he isn’t interested in romance. The man she works for also likes to criticize Misao and his work. At one point, he and the MC get into a spat when he finds out she was one of Misao’s models.


Again, without reading Misao’s point of view, it’s difficult to distinguish how and why he fell for the MC. I assume it’s the fondness for her innocence since she is different from the other women he encountered. He also enjoys her company.


Misao’s character is part of a trend: a playboy who’s not really a playboy. Imagine an emperor surrounded by many women longing for him but is indifferent to all of their advances. He’s similar to Baba from Voltage’s other game, Kissed By The Baddest Bidder.

Overall, Misao’s route was enjoyable. If you’re looking for an interesting read with some time to kill, I would recommend it. While I don’t indulge in Voltage’s games as much as I used to, I still check in on their stories and games from time to time.

(CGs belong to Voltage Inc.)

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