My Boss My Hero

Sasaki Makio wants to succeed his father as the head of the gang. However, he is not very bright. His father makes a deal with him: Makio can become the new leader if he graduates from high school. That is how our violent, 27-year-old hero relives his high school days hiding his identity and age.


My Boss My Hero is over ten years old, but the humour is spot-on. From Makio’s (Tomoya Nagase) exaggerated actions to Kazuya’s (Tanaka Koki) adorable clumsiness, it’ll give you a good laugh.

My Boss My Hero

This drama is not focused on romance despite Makio falling for his classmate, Umemura Hikaru (Aragaki Yui). Rather, I feel it is to emphasize the importance of one’s high school days where you experience friendships, hardships, romance, teamwork, and so on. It’s a classic example of what you see in Japanese drama focused on youth.


Makio volunteers as class president as he realizes that running the class is similar to running a gang. Initially, Makio works to only simply graduate, he eventually devotes his efforts to bring the class together.

If you’re looking for something lighthearted, comedic, and school-focused, I highly recommend My Boss My Hero. You won’t be disappointed.


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